Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Still the King of Pop


When your music is so universal, it will live on forever!

Such is the case with the melodies and tunes of the late Michael Jackson. In spite of the tragedy of his death, his music lives on in his absence, being played on every radio station, every iPod, and every place you can possibly imagine.

It then comes as no surprise to anyone that the King of Pop is back where he belongs: right atop the Billoboard charts. Though the official numbers won't be released until tomorrow, industry experts indicate that three of Jackson's albums, Number Ones, The Essential Michael Jackson, and Thriller, each sold around 100,000 copies last week. (The tracking week ends on Sunday, so really, they sold 300,000 units in 4 days!)

All three titles will rein as the top 3 albums on Billboard's Top Pop Catalog chart, and Jackson may secure anywhere from six to nine slots in tally's the top 10 with some of his other albums. In fact, there is a good chance that the entire top 10 on the Pop Catalog chart may be filled with Jackson albums, counting the two Jackson 5 compilations, making him the first artist to ever pull off the achievement. And if anyone can do it, Michael can!

Of course, in our digital age, the majority of album purchases came from online. Sources say the three aforementioned albums each sold more than 30,000 digital copies, with Essential moving more than 70,000 downloads alone.

We're sure Michael would be proud to see his music see this kind of rejuvenation.

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