Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My thoughts on current hip-hop

Contrary to popular belief Hip-Hop aint dead. Matter of fact I think it's on the up swing. I'm not a huge fan of what's on the radio now-a-days (irony at it's best since I'm a radio DJ). However, I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I believe there should be enough lanes on the rap highway for everyone. For example, I hate Plies, but I think he needs a lane. I'm not the biggest fan of Soulja Boy, but he too should have his own lane. The problem is when Plies, Gucci Man, Soulja Boy, and OJ da Juice Man have all the access on the hip hop roadways things can get a little diluted.

Let me make this clear too, by no means am I a hip-hop purist. If you thought I was the back packer type think again. I look at music as a source of entertainment and not as a religious experience like a lot of people do. If people cook coke on a rap, and it comes with a cleaver bar, cook that shit up!!!! I just like good music. I like TI, along with Asher Roth. I bump Rick Ross, and Kidz In The Hall.

There s nothing wrong with just liking music at face value. I think sometimes we fall into these mold of, "I can't listen to that". Why? Cause it's not real? Who gives a fuck!!!

I'm getting off track here a little. The reason why I say I think Hip-Hop is in a resurgence is I can see the lanes opening up. People like Kid Cudi, and Drake are going main stream. Now, this is always interesting when your favorite "underground MC" get's adopted by the masses, but that's an argument for another day. The point I'm trying to make that the lane that was reduced down to one for these artist is opening up. The spirit of Del La Sol is relevant, and popular in today upcoming rap. Everyone doesn't have to be Young Jeezy. It's a beautiful day. The mold has been broken. I don't know if it was Kanye or what, but there is light.

I'm not saying that all rap now is whack. Or the South killed Hip-Hop. What I'm trying to convey is we as consumers need more options. In my iPod Wale, can coexist with Lil Jon. So as a new dawn approaches I think it's beautiful that the internet has allowed the listeners of this music the choice and I think in turn these labels, radio, TV, and print are seeing the old mold is broken and something fresher is coming soon.


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  2. I agree,

    I just think Soulja Boy straight KILLED hip hop with all this gay trend shit hes started, or did start.

    At least I still got Curren$y to fall back on, dudes too real for the mainstream life.

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  3. Yeah I think Hip Hop is garbage right now, not all of it but tha stereotypical majority of it though. Everyone cant kill people and sell work, theres more to life than that.... theres sunny days and flowers and shit. There aint no versatility anymore, if niggas aint rappin about a bitch to trick off on, there rappin about all tha keys they push, everybody aint livin like that but tha big labels want that quick hit so thats what sells so I guess thats what you hear.

  4. you're the one who's on kube playing these crappy songs!!!! play the whole so far gone mixtape on kube...not that mainstream shitt its weak

  5. NickDoye Do you really think I pick the music on the radio. Come on man, wake up. Why do you think I wrote this blog? Did you even pay attention to what you were reading? Don't make an ignorant statement without doing your home work. Do you yell at the secretary at Sony cause you don't like your PS3? Where do you work?

  6. In regards to nickdoye...people who don't work for the radio don't get radio....if u did your homework u would understand why whats played on the radio is played.....and thats real!!

  7. sorry i don't play ps3 i play the xbox so i wouldn't know...sorry I thought you made the playlist for bad, at least make a recomendation to the people who make the playlist.Get drake on kube because he's the future...

  8. I understand where you are coming from Nick. We do suggest stuff. There is just a bunch of politics

  9. alright then thanks for the informaion! i didnt know alot of politics went into radio...

  10. See thats the kinda shit that upsets true hip-hop fans.
    Keep Drakes mixtapes off the air unless its on SNSS.
    I dont like when one of my favorite artists goes all mainstream on his fans and leaves us behind.
    Whenever an artist does that I swear they just stop puttin out heat and just come out with some gay shit, look what being in the spotlights done to Wayne; dudes tryin to do rock. SMH.

    I donno man. I want all the best for artists but its upsetting when you see one of your favs who youve been following when only a couple thousand people knew about em, and now you got all these off brands and posers tryna bump that shit.

  11. It's a weird position. You got to realize it's a business for you favorite artist too. To a degree they want to go mainstream they want to make money.

    However, when they stop making the music that their core audience supported then that's different.

  12. I mean just for example, we all remember how fuckin dope 50 was back before the massacre. every one of his tracks was just straight gangsta shit but now hes just turnin into a radio rapper. I dont like that hip-hop/pop sound.

    The media is what fucks the game up.