Thursday, April 2, 2009

Plies is the most ignorant rapper ever!!!!

To be honest I have never been a fan of Plies, but this takes the cake. I hope this opens your eyes to see this dude is a clown. This is the reason rap is dying.


  1. Eddie my dud you are so right about this he is garbage and weak as hell.......what was one of his line "when youre hot rappers love you when you get cold they spray you...." What the hell is that about? People would say that we are haters but we are lovers of the non ignorant.

    This is one of the corniest rappers to ever be in the game. He sucks. I know 8 year olds with more bars than this guy. My son is 3 and more intelligent than this.

    I want to break this dudes face so bad. He is no goon hes like 3 feet tall and 50lbs he could get stomped out by an 11year old girl.

  2. omg he is such a lame. i think he is super duper corny and of course the young girls are in love with him because he is a "goon." i thought goonies were white kids from the 80's!?!?!?