Friday, May 8, 2009

TI fires Alphamega

I guess The King is doing some damage control and decided to fire the snitch. Here's what TIP said.

"I am stunned and totally surprised by the news about Alfa “Ced Zellars” mega (Ced Zellars). Even though all of our artist and employees are asked by us to be honest and open about their past history, at no time did Alfa disclose to me or Grand Hustle what is now appeared in the media.

He essentially deceived us by failing to fully disclose the truth about his past and there is no place in our organization for dishonest and misleading behavior. As I have always said, you must take responsibility for your own actions.

We at Grand Hustle cannot support or condone blaming others for our own mistakes. I hope and pray that God blesses Ced in his plans, but I don't forsee me or my company playing a role in his personal or professional business."

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